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animal Names: kallie

Kallie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Kallie? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Her name is Kallie. Sister of Bear. She thinks she is queen of the house...Kind of mean to Bear. But she is a human lover...scared of most male humans, loves the female humans. She is my second fur baby but we're not as close as Bear and I are but I still love her! She was the first born out of the litter...was born on my bed..early in the morning. Haha :)


Like most she is spoiled rotten. She was supposed to be a short haired chi, but her grandmother was a long haired chih, so she is what is called a wired hair chi. She is loving, loves her little mohawk and mane. And she loves her little sister, Zoey pictured with her, who is also a chi, but is a apple head chi.

Domestic Mediumhair

I have 3 roommates, Paris Nicole, Merle a Red Point Siamese named Merle,& LiL Girl a Red Point Siamese. (We all use mama's birthday, because we moved to a new house and mama could not find our papers)