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animal Names: katielynn

Katielynn is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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American Cocker Spaniel

Katie is the daughter of 2 top show dogs, who won shows back in the early 90's. However when I got Katie even though I knew she came from a line of show dogs I made up my mind that I would not put her through that. She was a christmas gift for my from my husband and oldest daughter. I had been grieving the death of our little Midgie, whom had been in the family for many years(my husbands Grandmom, then his Dad) . I had her for a couple of years until she passed in my arms from cancer. I had been seriously injured in an accident in 92 and had not been able to work so depression had set in so when Midgie passed my family saw how bad it was for me and that's when they gave me my little girl. I would be lost without Katie. Katielynn is a fawn colored Cocker with a heart of gold. But don't mess with her family. Katie is very protective of not just myself and my husband but our grandchildren. When Katie was about a year old we had to rush her in for an emergency hystorectomy. So she could not have babies of her own, but that has never stopped her from taking care of or protecting the grandbabies all 7 of them. Katie loves to have company, but try and leave she just might keep a little piece of your ankle with her. (LOL)