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animal Names: kaya+sunshine

Kaya+sunshine is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Kaya Sunshine

Kaya Sunshine Hopper Smokey Bear is a three-legged Kitty-Cat. He was born in Sacramento and now lives in a small seaside dune community. He loves certain things in life, such as: his mom and dad, wet food (especially poultry), chips, soda, beef jerky, any cow milk product (especially starbux whip[ed cream), staring out the window from his window perch, listening to the neighborhood birds, and getting petted while laying lengthwise on his back with our feet. He had four legs until June 2009. My husband and I had to take him to the vet (he was pissed) because he had a really bad lump on his left foot. We could tell he was in terrible pain and he was having a hard time walking around the house. The vet had to do a biopsy on the lump of his ankle. My husband and I couldn't have imagined the next thing she told us. She said the lump could be cancerous and we might have to amputate his leg! We had to wait over the weekend for her to call us with the results. We were so worried and upset if the worst happened, we would have to have our baby go through such an ordeal!
Unfortunately, we had to cut the leg off which seems very negative, but we got rid of that nasty cancer! Kaya is an AMAZING cat because he recovered well and he is hopping around the house like nothing happened. I was afraid he would hate my husband and I because we had his leg cut off, but our theory is that he had to have known he was really sick and in pain, so we actually helped him. At least, that's what we hope he thinks in his sweet cat brain. Kaya is a very handsome grey/blue kitty cat with three legs.