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animal Names: kaylie

Kaylie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hi my name is Kaylie, mom rescued me from a local high kill shelter on my last day. No one else wanted me. When mom came to get me they told mom they had found me in the yard around the shelter inside the protective fence when they came to open the shelter 3 days earlier. They said aparently someone drove up in the middle of the night and threw me over the six and a half foot fence onto the rock drive. It's a wonder I wasn't hurt. I'm already house trained and know all my commands even go to bed, mom can't belive someone just threw me away. She doesn't know what breed I am so if you have any guesses mom would love it. Nice to meet everyone.

On another note, here is how mom found me:)

She's been doing a lot of crossposting on Facebook to rescues trying to get dogs like me rescued from high kill shelters. Pretty much all of the shelters are in North Carolina where Kalista came from, well then she got one from GA about an hours drive from her so she started going throught the pictures and crossposting, then she came to me and stopped for a moment before sharing me and moving on. That was on Friday afternoon and I only had till the next Tuesday to get rescued or my time was up. Normally mom doesn't come back to the pictures of animals except maybe one or two more times to crosspost again, well she kept coming back to my picture on her breaks from work Saturday and Sunday then several times on Monday checking to see if I had been adopted and saved, and nope no one wanted me. I didn't even have too many comments under my picture of people trying to help me. They were mostly helping the lab puppy and the aussie's and other dogs. No one wanted to help the little greyhound mix and mom got scared for me, she just couldn't get my sad little face out of her head so at a quarter till 5:00 Monday afternoon she sent in an application to the shelter with her references and 30 minutes latter they called her and told her that she was the first person to inquire about me and that her references checked out and if she wanted me I had to be out by 4pm the next day, my last day or that was it for me. Well mom was at the shelter when they opened the doors at 9am the next morning ready to sign the papers and get me out of there. I was scared in the car ride and whined and whimpered and mom wondered if I was remembering my last ride where I was taken to the shelter and thrown over the 6 1/2 foot fence. She kept telling me it was ok, I was safe now and she would never ever do that to me. She took me to her vet and I was put in quarantine for a week while he checked me over really well to make sure I hadn't caught anthing while in the shelter, then last Friday I got to come home. They gave mom a goodie bag when I was adopted that had a coupon in it for a free color and name tag from Dr.s Foster and Smith som mom ordered me one while I was still at the vets. She wanted to get me a pink color but they made her choose between red, blue or black so mom thought black would look good on me. She told me she's going to try and buy me a pink doggie coat and booties for the winter though so I won't get cold on my walks. I love my mom so much.