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animal Names: kaystar

Kaystar is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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I was found as a start when I was very small. My humans think I wasn't over 8 weeks old. I was very small and covered with fleas. My people took me in a bathroom and spent hours picking hundreds of fleas off me, then they gave me a bath with special flea foamy stuff, They tried to find if I had other humans but no one claimed me. I don't remember if I's had other people or not. I just remember being scared and cold and hungry and lonely too.

My people fed me and kept me warm and safe and they even played with me all the time. When I got older I had three babies. I had them under a porch and i was so worried about them ending up like I did. So i got my people and showed them my babies and they took them in and took care of them too. They were fun for a while but pretty soon they made me crazy so my Humans found them homes with people of their own. Later I had another baby, but just one. It made me feel young again to have a baby and play with it but I was getting older and i got tired and it wasn't as much fun as when I was younger. My people took me to a place and they did something to me that made it so I could not have any more babies.
I'm 12 now. I still pretty healthy. I've only ever been sick once. I'm getting grouchy as I get older but i like my people and I have a good happy life with lots of love.