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animal Names: keekee

Keekee is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Keekee? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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American Shorthair

I'm the oldest in the home and I'm also the cutest!... At least that's my opinion :) My original mommy got me from a shelter when I was a baby and I spent most of my years with her in her retirement home. She's waiting for me by the rainbow bridge now though :( Her grand daughter took my to live with her but her town house is so much bigger than the old apartment I get scared, so I just stay in my new mommy's bedroom an prefer not to leave. Before I go to bed each night I make my rounds on the bed to my new mommy and daddy and give them head butts. Sometimes I get so happy I drool :p

American Shorthair

I'm a model. Well.... I used to be a model. Now I just lay around and look good all day for fun. Don't be jelly! Looking this beautiful isn't all fun and games, ya know -- it takes vigilant upkeep! For starters, I workout each day by chasing my younger brother and sister around the house and frequently have vigorous matches of 'Feathers-On-A-Stick' with my Mom & Dad. For my shimmering creamy orange coat, I have an intense daily regimen of frequent tongue baths and twice-weekly grooming sessions at the Mom Salon & Spa. Of course, eating healthy is essential to looking gorgeous, so I've trained Mom to buy only the BEST all natural kibble & canned. Other than that, my hobbies are pretty much summed up by.... Whatever Mommy's Doing, I'm Watching. (She needs my guidance.;) TaaTaa for now! *kisses*