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animal Names: keiko

Keiko is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Keiko is super smart. This is because she has been given healthy powder from a very young age. Refer to Dr. Pitcairn's Pet Nutrition books for more details.
She likes hair ties. She has learnt how to flick a hair tie for herself, by using her paws and feet. Aside from this, she doesn't really like normal cat toys. She enjoys little black things and anything small that rolls.
She also enjoys picking up ear cleaners from the dressing table.
She is way too smart for the Litter Kwitter.
She knows how to block the powder pulveriser.
She knows how to ask for us to turn on the bath tap so she can have a running stream of fresh water.
She is slightly OCD.
She enjoys chasing bugs, as do all cats.
She knows how to chill out on the balcony with us. We take her on her Rogz leash. As a result, she knows what "Rogz" means.
She is also known as Schmoe, Schmakes, Schmakes Schmoe, Schmiggles, Schmakadeschmoe, Kinko, Cake Scroll, Kinko Bibloblah...
She also has numerous songs about her to the tune of Sail Away by Enya, I saw a UFO-Schmoe by Sneaky Sound System, Beethoven's 5th... and many more.
She has also been forced to dance on occasion.
Her (new) best friend is Kenji.