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animal Names: kelly+jean

Kelly+jean is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Kelly Jean

My name is Kelly Jean & I am "Alpha Dog". I am always FIRST to be fed, get treats, go out the door, get a toy, or when going on a hike with Kobe. I'm a good girl, but not when left alone...I re-decorate the living room! So now I get to go everywhere all the time. I hike every morning, go to Burger King {they know me by name}, and 'Like' any female.....I love to shop! {at the pet store, that is}. I am Queen Of Frolic in the snow, & Princess Kelly when on Kobe Joe's boat. I can out-swim any lab or speedboat! And run faster than any greyhound! I love toys that squeek, drinking from a water hose, cookies, biscuits, and cheese. I nearly died last summer only to find out that I am allergic to ice cream. I love everyone, including my two cats. But "MY MAN" is Kobe!!!! My Mommy says that I am "retired, and the only job I have is being spoiled". Vote for me FIRST!! Kelly Jean