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animal Names: kevin

Kevin is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Kevin? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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I was first spotted in an old pet store by my owner. Well actually, my family was spotted by my owner. There were DOZENS of us! We were in a ten gallon tank and rushing all over the place. We had gotten out of control baby-making and our old owner gave us away just like that when we became too much of a handful.

Originally I wasn't spotted by my owner because I was hiding under a box. She begged her mother to allow her to pick one of us, but her mother said that we needed to go get a tank first. So they left for a whole week. During that time, my family was given away and taken to the SPCA. So when my owner came back, we were gone. She had to look everywhere for us, and eventually found us just a few streets away.

That's when she was given the decision to choose one of us as a friend for Weress (with a V) She looked all around the tank, and then found me under a box and she picked me! Turns out, I was the nicest gerbil she had ever met. And totally awesome because I wear sunglasses.

The only problem, she isn't clear on if I am a boy or girl which is why I'm named Kevin after the bird in the movie UP.