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animal Names: kiddee+ii

Kiddee+ii is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Kiddee+ii? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Kiddee II

I was born in Nebraska, sold to a pet shop in Pittsburgh, PA where my cousin Nancy found me and went to my mother who immediately bought me. Boy was I lucky, I was already 6 mos. old and I was very lonley. I was so scared that I hid behind the clothes dryer and my uncle Homey had to rescue me. Boy has life changed, I am "livin large". I moved into the big house and had the run of the house. There were 5 bathroom, 3 floors and a beautiful view of the forest. Life could not be better, until we move back to CA.
WOW what a great trip, hotels, dinning in each eveving, laying in the sun on the dash board or on a pillow between the two front seats. Back area was my private bedroom and kitchen. I have a friend, but we are not real close. His name is Oliver. We want to explore the outdoors, but we are not allowed. Sometimes I let him out when no one is looking. He is not to bright and it takes a while to find him. (We cannot get out of the yard_,but he thinks he is lost