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animal Names: kiki+rodriguez

Kiki+rodriguez is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Kiki+rodriguez? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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KiKi Rodriguez

Hello, my name is KiKi Rodriguez, and I am new here! I am a little dwarf rabbit, around 5 lbs., and I am a little PUNK too! I protect my cage by using hisses and huffs & puffs when my Mommy tries to "rob" me. I don't really understand that she is GIVING me food, not taking it! I like to hang out in my house (den) that my Mommy put in my cage. The only thing is, that I like to flip it upside down, and hop into it that way (my Mommy tells me that people can still see me that way, but I think she's wrong!) I will not allow Mommy to put my house in the "upright" position for that reason! Every rabbit knows that as long as you sit still and don't move, no one can see you...right, fellow rabbits?! I am white with gray spots and gray "lop ears," and I am definitely "cute as hell!" My Mommy will post a picture and you will see that I am right! Talk to you soon, KiKi