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animal Names: kiko

Kiko is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Kiko? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Siberian Husky

Hi! My name is Kiko, which is Hawaiian for Spot. Fitting, don't you think? Some of my absolute FAVORITE things to do are nomming on green things, and binkying around my Mom's room like a lunatic. She sometimes calls me "Pinball Bunny" cause I bounce off of everything!
My favorite dinner is parsley, mint, basil, and any dark greens I can get my little paws on... and my favoritest dessert is Banana. It is sooooo good, I eat it whenever I can! Dried cranberries and raisins are pretty OK too. Mom also feeds me lots of Timothy hay, which does not impress me too much, but I eat it anyway.
I live with my Mom, her roommate, and his goofy dog, Angel. She likes to lick me on the head, but when I do it to her, she freaks out and runs around the livingroom with her face on the carpet. I don't get it! Silly bichon.
Well I gotta go! Lots of things to chew on! =D


Hey I'm Kiko.. ( kitty for short ) one day when i was just a few weeks old
a really mean big cat chased me up onto a roof top, I was stuck up there all alone, so i did the sensible thing and started meowing to see if i could get some help and then a funny looking man came and rescued me, he even let me in his house, fed me and gave me a bath. we got a long great and now I live with him and a few other funny looking guys. they're always making crazy noises with their instruments, they 're all very nice to me and i'm very grateful .. Anyway, I'm young and on the prowl, They say i'm becoming quite the lady's man, I'm also unbelievably laid back and confident but at the same time slightly vulnerable, I like to be around the cool crowd but im still just a dork at heart.. I always sit in the center of the room when people are around.. they're so entertaining ..

feel free to contact me if your feeling ever so frisky.


I'm a lover, not a fighter. I will not come out from hiding until I am positive YOU are not leaving.