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animal Names: knotz

Knotz is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hi everyone, I'm Myst's other sister, mom originally thought I was a boy and found me and Mayberry a great home together, but now that I'm older mom knows I'm defiinitly a girl so now it looks like I may not have a new home. The lady that's taking Mayberry only wants boys, oh poo. Well my human mom says that's ok, cause I will always have a home here if she can't find a good one for me to go too. I'm the smallest of the girls and tend to be a little timid, but I'm also the most playful and go crazy over interactve stick toys.

Update: Mom said I'm here to stay, yipeee!!!!! I'm soooo happy I don't have to go anywhere else.

Update 05/31/2001: I am officially 1 year old and lovin lifr in my home. I love all my siblings here even Dr. Pepper who can be a bully, but he's never bullied me cause I'm just sooo sweet.