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animal Names: knuckles

Knuckles is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Knuckles is a little cutie pie, so far he is only like 2 weeks old. He is one of four of my baby girl Crimson's puppies- He has a mind of his own and got his name because he is a big knucle head at this point. He has gotten his head stuck in the kennel cage a time or two already and was the first to walk as well as open his eyes! I will let ya'll know how he turns out- so knuckles has the cutiest pose in the world, he has this under bite and when he sits straight up, he puts one earup and one ear down! still hasn't grown much, only 2 lbs but a little spit fire of a dog.


Hey everyone! I'm knuckles and i'm a pug! I don't have big buldging out eyes like most of my relatives, but I do snort and breathe a little funny like they do! I'm not even a foot talk and snore louder than a bull! (if bulls snore) I used to be really active and hyper and thin, but now that I'm older my age has cought up a little on me and I'd much rather eat all day and sleep all day where its nice and cozy! I've gained a few extra pounds in the last couple of months, but i'm not stressing too much because i'm still adorable! I have a little brother named Dozer, who drives me nuts because he's still a pup and all he wants to do is play 24/7!! You wouldn't think it but luckily i'm faster than speedy gonzalez and can still out run him! He's a much better swimmer than i am because of my breathing problem, i can't get too much water up my nose, but i still enjoy going in for a lap or 2 on a hot day! Okay well i'm getting really sleepy, so i'm going to go vaccum the kitchen floor since my mommy just finished cooking up something scrumptious, then I think I shall take a nap! toodles!

Shih Tzu

I'm a people dog. Love to snuggle with all my people friends. My tag says "Scratch My Butt." Love the doggie park and my favorite thing is to ride in the car (with the wind blowing in my face). My motto: " Why go for a walk when there's a perfectly good car in the garage!"