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animal Names: kojikaki

Kojikaki is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Mini Rex

I was a rescue rabbit from a humane society in PA which gets in a lot of rabbits but doesn't get them adopted very fast. I had two brothers and a sister and was lucky enough to get adopted with one of my brothers. I'm not the most social of bunnies. I don't really like being petted or held and am very territorial. The first animal I met when I arrived at my new home was Taco and I chased him. I also snort at him a lot. I also snort at my humans when my cage is being cleaned, when I am being fed, or when someone tries to pet me. One other thing I will do is snatch food out of my brothers mouth even when there is plenty of food somewhere else. My owner is currently working on a couple of books which I am a part of. My first one is going to be Chibi & Kojikaki: The Search For a Home. I think it should be Kojikaki & Chibi but I don't get to make that decision. The other is a comic book called Spider & Jackal which is about the life and relationship of Taco (Jackal) and Spider (a dog I used to live with who died October 2011.) Because my brother and I were a part of their lives I get to be know in the comic book as a rabbit called Black Fang and my brother is known as Harmony. My owner has also just begun to work on a book that she is currently calling My Pets and Their Lives which will have the full life stories of every pet she has ever owned and as up to date as possible stories about us living ones. Soon the website for her books will be active as She currently has a facebook page as well for her books. (Not yet active). A&M Moonlight Creations is the name of the page. My owner's first books will be published soon and is a series called Mortal Realm Witch. I will make a post when the website and facebook pages are active so you can keep up with her's, mine, and the other pet's books.