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animal Names: lana+(bunz)

Lana+(bunz) is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Lana+(bunz)? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Lana (Bunz)

BACKGROUND: As a kid (about the age of 7) I had always wanted a bunny. I heard about a the website on Animal Planet (my favorite tv channel as a kid) and developed a habit of going on and browsing the bunnies. Periodically I would go to my mom and ask "Mommie can we get this bunny?!" but the answer was always the same. No. Eventually I just gave up, until my 15th birthday. The day was approaching and I had recently moved to an area near a Petland which i frequently visited. I often held the bunnies and checked prices on them. Then finally, i asked for one. I was surprised when my dad said he had found a perfectly good bunny cage someone had thrown out in the trash, and if i cleaned it up he would buy me a bunny. It was a really disgusting cage, but it was worth it. On the very day of my birthday, i went to Petland and picked out a lionhead rabbit of about to months. I asked the employees what its gender was, and stupidly stated that "I preferred a female." They told me it was a girl and I became ecstatic and left home with her that very night. A few months after I had Lana, I had her out and was playing with her early in the morning. We had just eaten pancakes, and she happened to find a puddle of syrup and got herself covered in it. I looked up some tips on bathing a rabbit and gave her a bath, to discover something interesting. Lana did not have "feminine parts" if you know what i mean. I did some research and was very upset to find the entire time she had in fact been a male. Looking back, i believe the employees told me he was a she to ensure i bought him and they got a bonus for selling a pet. The initial reason i wanted a female is 1. He looked like a girl, and 2. I wanted to make a hobby of making pet bows and model them on my bunny. I accepted the fact that Lana was a male, but i decided he could still model bows quite nicely, I tried to find a name i liked, but could not. So Lana's nickname (and pretty much every bunny's nickname) became Bunz. Bunz is now very happy, 4 times the size he was when i first got him, and a little on the heavy side from all the veggies.

PERSONALITY: Bunz is very territorial. When his cage is being cleaned, he wants to be all in the action, much like a cat wants to know what your doing when you clean their litterbox. Bunz has a habit of destroying electronic cords. No matter how hard i try to hide them, Bunz finds my headset and snips the cord in one bite. This has happened 4 times since I've had him. He is very adventurous and wants to know every little corner in the house and taste every piece of paper or carpet or hair he finds on the floor.There is a hole under the couch in which Bunz likes to burrow in, and sometimes we need to lift the couch to get him out. He likes to follow you around and be in the middle of whatever task you are performing, and when you have food he will occasionally trip you or nip your toenails as to say "Give me some". Bunz LOVES carrots, lettuce, and cucumbers, but seems to not like any fruits we give him. He loves cats and was best friends with our old cat before he ran away. He tries to make friends with our new cat Belle, but she is still to kitten and likes to try and take a bite out of Bunz. They play just fine when there is a cage in the way though. Bunz does not like being taken out of his cage, and if he wants out will wait until you leave hi unattended to crawl out. He likes to cuddle sometimes, but often gets restless and wants to run around. If you hold him close when you cuddle, he will nibble the wrinkles in your shirt and possibly lick your hand. But mostly, Bunz is very independent, adventurous, territorial, stubborn, "fluffy", and occasionally, a ladies man.