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animal Names: layna

Layna is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Chow Chow

I'm a chow, Rhodesian ridgeback, German shepherd mix that just loves to be around people and other dogs. Some of my favorite things to do are be pet (often), rough house with my neighbors, Mud (golden retriever) and Sandy (blue heeler mix), play fetch with sticks (but I usually end up eating them instead of bringing them back), sleep in my owner's bed, sit on people's laps, eating grass and greenie treats, and running around outside.

I'm a pretty well behaved dog (often I get compliments on this) and usually am walked without a leash because of my good behavior (which I love so I can run a little ahead and eat grass), but I don't like being alone so I usually bark for hours on end and have been known to check out what's in the trash and spread it out on the floor to view in all its splendor.

I'm a happy go lucky kind of dog, just looking for a belly rub, some greenies, and playtime with my friends every now and again.