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animal Names: leala+lea

Leala+lea is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Leala Lea

Hello, please meet Leala!

She is 10yo but certainly does not seem so. We adopted her on Valentine's Day 2013 from a local shelter. She had lived with the same family her whole life when suddenly they had to move and leave her behind! After living in the shelter for 3months we found her!
That beautiful little face and friendly personality won us over & we brought her home forever..

She loves to play. So much so that she'll go to her favorite toys, pick them up in her mouth and walk around the house meowing for someone to, "Please play with me!!!"

She jumps high like a kitten and ZOOMS around the house with no warning!
(Though we never know what she's chasing.
Such a silly little feline. ~LOL~

Right now Leala weighs around 12lbs. She's pretty tiny, with a big black bushy tail and
SUPER big double paws. (Which she uses like people hands) to hold onto her favorite
catnip fish and her Bimpy, That's the name of her very own, tiny, stuffed animal mouse that she holds when it's bedtime. (Which is often ;)

We're so happy she's become a part of the family and hope that adorable unique face and little wink makes you smile as well. =^.^=