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animal Names: leia+morgan

Leia+morgan is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Leia Morgan
Golden Retriever

Well, today I sit here, with my large paws on the keyboard, thinking what to type of in the 'About' me section on this here website, where I have resided for almost a year or so now. Wow, am I slow or what? I am a three, going on 4 year old Purebred Golden Retriever, registered with the AKC, but a preferred to be called house-pet. I live down in central Texas, and spend my days at the creek, or practicing agility with my family. My mom rescues dogs and finds them homes, and she has kept one a many of them, but not for too long, before she finds a home with more room, and excess love (not that she doesn't have any!) that can give them their full and undivided attention. I think I am The Princess, but duh, who wouldn't. I am actually named after Princess Leia in Star Wars, but I refuse to go by something to that degree. My best friend has to be Olive, who I wrestle with, and be mean and assertive when I need to but honestly, I think we were made for each other. My favoritest person in the world is my mom, who I sleep with every night, under every circumstance. Well, I may add more, but here's the gist. XOXO Leia Morgan