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animal Names: leroy

Leroy is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Miniature Pinscher

I was adopted from Winnfield Humane Society after I was found with my sister on the highway by a kind person. My mom found me on petfinder and got really excited. She arranged a meeting with my foster mom and from the minute she held me she told her husband that I was one of the family.

Things were rough on me at first...before my adoption could be completed I got really sick and almost passed away but my foster mom never gave up on me. Neither did my mom. She called every day to check on me. The vet believed I had Parvo, but after a closer inspection it was discovered I had food poisoning from eating a bad batch of wet food!

I recovered thankfully and right before Thanksgiving my mom and dad came to pick me up from my foster mom's.

I'm an odd mix of Pitbull, Mini Pin, and Chi. I'm only 20lbs but I have the heart of a much bigger dog. While Dad is always at work, I guard Mom from all the bad guys and possible dangers that might come. I've even scared off a delivery man or too with my big bark.

My favorite things are my cats, running about the woods with Mom, and curling up besides her underneath the fan on those hot summer days.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Hello! My name is Mr. Leroy Dogman, Leroy for short, and I live with my mom, dad, brother and a big doby named Church.. I am my mommies first dog and she spoils me rotten. The people at the pet store know us very well and they love watching me grow. I am very rambuncious, I love to bark at stuff I am not allowed to have, I love to sleep with mom and dad, but we are potty training and they dont let me do that often! I love chewing on my toys and on bones. I am my mommy's baby and I love to lay in her lap as much as she lets me! I love my aunties cat, and any other animal friend that comes along. All I want to do is play, play, play. My mom has been working on training and I learned how to sit at 2 months. I also go to my kennel when she says.. but only if she has a cookie for me! I am super smart and she calls me a glutten. One night while mom was out of town, my dad left me alone for a minute and I found a half pound of fudge, I ate it all. Dad was really scared and got me help right away. For some reason I now have a hunger for chocolate and I really wish someone would give me some. But they wont. I like to play with Church. He is our roomates dog, and he is 9 yrs old. He didnt like me at first but now he shares toys with me and plays. Well I am getting hungry again so my mom should get off this thing and feed me! Well we have some sad news about mister church... my mommy went downstairs to make breakfast and found him in the bathroom with blood all over... it was like a slasher film... so she called the police. people came and took him away and he cant come back home... appearently his daddy did something terrible to him, but since nobody saw, they couldnt do anything cept keep him away. i miss him, but mommy said hes happy somewhere where noone can hurt him again... so im not allowd downstairs alone anymore.. she said we will move as soon as we can... i just dont understand how ppl can be like that.. my mommy and daddy are so great, i thought everyones parents were. so lets all pray for church and hope that somebody wil give him a happy home for the rest of his days!