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animal Names: leroy+brown

Leroy+brown is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Leroy+brown? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Leroy Brown
American Pit Bull Terrier

Hi my name is Leroy Brown and I live with my Mommy and Daddy in a little yellow house with a big back yard for me. I have lots of nick names mommy calls me Bubby, Squeeker, squeeker beeper, beeps, fluffy butt, Mr Brown, Leboy, funny pet and many others, I answer to them all. I don't think I am a Pit Bull I think I am a people, I sleep on the couch and on the beds with Mommy and Daddy and my people brother Tyler. I love to sing to my people when they get home so they know how much I missed them, sometimes I forget the whole neighborhood can hear me. I love to take walks to the park whether I am with Mommy on my leash or not, I go there alone sometimes and Mommy and Daddy get scared, I think there is a busy street somewhere close. My girlfriend Rouge comes to visit me sometimes we play a lot but when she goes home I cry a lot, I don't like it when Mommy takes her home, I think Mommy wants to keep her, she is a Pit Bull too. I love to chew raw hide bones and Cheese is my favorite snack but I like all people food that is probably why Daddy calls me a sausage dog, I am kinda a tube I guess. I am an Old man and I take a lot of naps but I love to play and go visit the little pet's at my Nannygoat's house, I think they are called a chi-hua-hua and a pug or something like that. I talk a lot and I am a sweet old man, I love to cuddle with Mommy's feet too. I would never hurt anyone! People say to Mommy all of the time " What a big scary dog!" Mommy tells them no and that I am just a giant baby! I am a Mommy's boy, she is my favorite people! Mommy and I support!!!