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animal Names: lester

Lester is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Domestic Shorthair

My mom says I grew on her. We met in the shelter where she worked and quickly fell in love with me because of my low smoker's meow. I was emaciated and full of flees from living on the streets, but my mom nursed me back to health enough to put me on the adoption floor. It was there that she quickly realized no one was good enough to be my new parent. It was shortly after that that I came down with ringworm and had to spend three weeks in isolation. My mom knew then that she had to take me home. So the day I got out of isolation with a clean bill of health she adopted me and brought me home to my brother Misha and a sleu of foster siblings. I have since doubled in weight and am always purring. My ear tip reminds me of the life I once lead and makes me feel blessed to now be comfy with my soulmate.

American Longhair

Hi my name is lester i am one of four kittens, i was born on December 19th 2009 i am 6 months old now. I am a quarter abyssinian thanks to my daddy :). i look like i am all black but im not i have a lot of grey fur under all this fluffly soft silky black coat of mine. My mommy loves me verry much as soon as i was born she wanted to keep me. She calls me her lil fluff ball and she always tells me i look like a lil black fox. I can be very hyper and drive everyone crazy and not let them sleep I love jumping up on top of things to get a better view and my all time fave thing to do is to pounce an every thing i can feet, hands, the blanket, and the computer mouse. I lover to hide under things and i love to hide on the bed under all the pillows.