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animal Names: lex+luther

Lex+luther is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Lex+luther? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Lex Luther

Luther is just the most cuddly adorable cats in the world! And is just to good for words!

Lex Luther
American Shorthair

A close friend of mine found Lex as she drove home late one rainy night. He was very small, under 2 lbs and too young to be away from his mom. He was covered in fleas and had a broken tail in two places. He had chewed the hair from his tail where it was broken so it looked kinda funny. At first we thought he was a she, so we named him Lexi. Not much later we took him to the vet, and found out he was a boy. Since he was already learning his name as Lexi, we kept it, and officially named him Lex Luther. Since then we have taken great care for him and he is clean from fleas, his tail fur has grown in and his tail is back to full strength. He will be an indoor cat now, although he loves going into the back screened-in patio. He doesn't seem to mind water at all and likes rolling in some dirt and likes to smell flowers and leaves. I am pretty sure both of his parents are wild/feral cats so it's in his blood. He is really sweet, doesn't complain about anything, and loves curling up next to my legs when I am on the couch. He also enjoys playing fetch, almost like a dog. He has learned the names of certain toys and when i throw them down the hall, he chases them and brings them back to my feet. I've had several cats in my life and he is definitely the coolest.