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Oriental Shorthair

Link is the name! I was recently adopted by my new mother and her family. I used to be homeless, but now not only do I have a wonderful home but people who love me.

I'm pretty relaxed. My hobbies include playing, eating, and sleeping! Mostly eating though, I love food! My personal favorites are tuna and ham. I get tuna every now and then, but ham...ham is special, mother only gives ham when I've been good! And I try to! But that's hard!

I also enjoy being a model for my mother's photographs! I think I'm the best subject out there, who could ask for more! But sometimes I like to pretend to push her away, just like a star would! But she knows I'm just playing!

Labrador Retriever
Pembroke Welsh Corgi

I like to lick my hand and eat eat eat!

I like to hog the bed so Daddy has to sleep with his legs hanging off the side.

And I like to sunbathe!!

I am the coolest and cutest dog ever...says my mom.