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animal Names: lola+mae

Lola+mae is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hi All my name is Lola Mae. I love life! I live with Andy he is a cockapoo but I don't think he likes me much...IMAGINE THAT! He only likes mom. I also live with 3 cats. Conan is my orange cat he is my bestest buddy. My favorite things to do is walks love love love walks I get to meet other animals in my neighborhood and people too. Its so much fun. My favorite time to walk is in the rain! My family gets wet and I get to run through PUDDLES so much fun! My turn ons: eating bugs, walks, mud! who doesn't love mud! running through puddles, terrorizing my cats, finding sticks to carry, and playing with anyone that will play with me. My turn offs are: hmmmmm? getting my nails cut HATE THAT! Thats about it! Life is good and I am loving every minute of it! I have my people right where I want them My mom dad and brother Mike he is a human they spoil me! All's I have to do is woooooooo-woooooo-woooooo and I get whatever want.....( thats whining) I hope to meet lots of new friends on here this is so much fun!