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animal Names: loulu+marie

Loulu+marie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Loulu+marie? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Loulu Marie

Loulu is a sweet, playful and loving dog. She loves to be around people and doesn't like to be alone. She is a nervous dog and has to be doing something all of the time, she loves to chew things and chew paper. I can't leave any important bills in her reach because she will tear them up into 100 pieces. She enjoys carrying her toys in her mouth and walking around the house. Sometimes she even searches for my socks and shoves them in her mouth along with her toy. She has a boyfriend, Randy and they kiss all of the time. It's adorable when I catch the moment. They love to sleep next to eachother, its soo cute!! If there is a spot of sunshine on the floor, Loulu is gonna lay on it!! If Loulu loves you, she will clean out both of your nostrils and lick your entire face. It's quite amusing!! She would rather lay on your lap and/or chest than anywhere else. She is a portable heater!!! haha
Loulu was named after her Mommy's Grandpop Louis who passed away in February of 2008. Grandpop Lou loved dogs and would've fell in love with Loulu!!