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animal Names: lovey

Lovey is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Domestic Shorthair

I came to my owners when I was around 2. I went missing around 3 years ago.

Maine Coon

I was found by a man looking for lots t invest in. I was living on a lot in a box with a buddy. We were always being picked on by the construction crews building houses for humans! They would throw rocks at us most of the day! The man tools is to a vet and then took us home! I was very afraid of him because of the bad men. So one day he asked his friend if I could live with her because I was so afraid of him and the other animals. She said yes and took me to live with her and her Aunt and Uncle! I was still really scared but with time and moms patience I began to relax and was able to jump on her lap and get scratches an love!

Diluted Calico

Lovey is 15 years old and a beautiful lady. she has heart disease and is blind, but she is still happy. she loves to sit on her purch in the window and feel the breeze. she also loves to carry around her "mouse" and meow like crazy.