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animal Names: lucas

Lucas is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Lucas? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Part of a litter of 5, this precious little kitten is just full of energy and personality!


Full Name: Lucas Quinn


Lucas was adopted in January of 2007. He was found hiding and scared in Cantador Park, and was always being chased away and hosed down by the gardener. Now he is in my house and happy with my other adopted street dog, Foxy. He is very sweet and affectionate, and can dribble a tennis ball better than any basketball star!

Lucas says, "I love it here. I'm allowed to sleep on the sofa, bed, wherever I want to. I never eat meat because human mom is vegetarian, but she gives us good dog food and doggie treats. In addition to my tennis ball, I love to play tug-of-war with Foxy. She's a great roomie, and we have lots of fun. Hope you can give me a vote and be my friend. Oh, and please vote for Foxy, too, so she doesn't feel bad. Unfortunately, neither of us is eligible for the Thunderdome because we aren’t U.S. residents, but we love to meet new pets and have fun here.”

Summer 2009 some pet owners on this site tried to start a rumor that the pets in red hats are gangsters. In case you don't know, the red caps are part of the uniform for Team Zissou, from the movie “The Life Aquatic.” They are not gang members -- CAH posted a collage of Team Zissou members on Facebook in mid July. I hope this clears up any doubts and stops the derogatory and/or racist comments about Lucas or any other pet in a red cap.

SUMMER 2010 - Have you noticed that all Thunderdome winners have been either cats or cute little dogs? By popular demand, I'm proud to annouce THE HUNK CLUB -- a chance to acknowledge the big hotties! Please feel free to nominate yourself or other HUNKS you know (large males only -- females should join THE HUNKETTES CLUB on Foxy's page;)
1. Lucas (me)
2. Clover
3. Dru T
4. Boo-Boo
5. Hobo
6. Baxter
7. Bailey
9. Lou
10. Dayton
11. Jack (from Hesperia, CA)
12. Alfio
13. Chaos
14. Denali
15. Uno
16. Petie
17. Murphy
18. Rockie - honorary member
19. Otis
20. Trip
21. Sam
22. Max
23. Clyde
24. Toby
25. Rolf
26. Rocky
27. Scooter
28. Shaka Khan
29. Nicholas