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animal Names: luci

Luci is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Luci loves her frisbees, her humans, and her cat friends. Her arch nemesis is her elderly cat roommate Alice.

English Mastiff

Hello! My name is Luci. My Momma loves me soooo much! She has leash trained me. She takes me for walks. We have a game I love to play with her, Hide and seek! I run through the house hiding behind a chair, then I (luci) sneak up on her. I can see my mom under neath the couch. So I jump at and I give a loud MEOW! and I scare my momma! And then she runs down the hall and I run after her! Then I hide from momma and she comes looking for me. She cannot see me because I hide eal well. And when momma least expects it, I jump out and MEOW real loud and momma yells in startle excitement! But really, I know momma knows I am there. She is making me feel like I am really hiding :) My Momma and I take naps, curling up together. I love to wrap my paw (leg) around Momm's arm and curl my head into her hand and go to sleep. I love jumping into the bath tub and playing "water snakey". I watch the water dribbling from the faucet, slowly it dribbles and I chase it! and dig and paw at it! I know I can catch that water snakey!
I love it when my Momma plays fetch with me. SHe throughs my play mousey down the hallway and I just love running down the hall, sliding on the wood floor, catching and flipping the micey and bringing it back so Momma can through it again and again!
WHen I take a nap, I love snuggling up in a blanket! And alot of times I crawl up under neath my Momma's blanket on her bed and curl up and take a nap!
WHen we go for walks, there is a great big field out back. We cross the fence and Momma drops the leash and we run together! Momma drops down into the grass. She thinks she is hiding. But I can see her! and I crouch down and wiggle my bum and run and pounce on her! We have soo much fun together. I love my Momma and I know she loves me too! She feeds me organic food so I stay healthy! And my favorite food is steamed Asparagus! Momma buys it special for me, steaming it and then putting it out for me to eat! I just love it!