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animal Names: magnum

Magnum is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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American Pit Bull Terrier

Magnum is a beautiful Blue nosed Reverse Brindle American Pit Bull Terrier. Those loyal iridescent golden eyes of his could melt anyone's heart. This boy is a 70 pound lap dog! He has never showed any aggression towards anyone or anything. Mr.Magnum has a lot of drive & is just bursting with energy. He's very attentive & loves to weight pull. His favorite trick out of all is "speak" & he does it beautifully. His bloodlines consist of 50% Razors Edge & 50% Gottiline. He loves all animals & humans alike. This boy can cheer anyone up when they are sad he's such a big goofball!

African Clawed Frog

Magnum is an African Clawed Frog. (S)he is just a baby and not nearly big enough to go into the 55 gallon tank with the other big ACFs. (S)he right now is living happily in a 10 gallon tank all to his/her self. (S)he is still to young to tell the sex.