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animal Names: marble

Marble is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Maine Coon

My name is Marble. I was found outside a construction site on a summer day. I was brought into my new home that at that time had 2 other felines and 1 canine. I was very young when I arrived & the other 2 felines were adults so I played with my friend Maggie a lot. I got a lot of attention from my new mom, Sam, and her friends. Currently I'm about medium sized and my furr is a slightly different color then it was before. I had jsut a plain long, silver coat with tabby stripes. Now my silver has taken in many shades of black and white, with also some brown! I am the only long haired in the house so I feel very special. I love my family and I'm thankful that they found me!


Marble has 2 brothers...a dog....and a kitten named poof. I weigh in at 16 pounds just a little fat and very large boned. I love going outside and spying on the 2 ragdolls across the street.