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animal Names: master+yoda

Master+yoda is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Master Yoda
Boston Terrier

Yoda is a fantastic Boston! He really IS Master Yoda. Wise in so many ways, and yet so willing to have fun, to learn, to be your partner. He is best buddies with Sam, and when still a baby loved to sleep on top of Sam. His favorite place to play was INSIDE Sam's mouth! They often still curl up together to sleep or just to sit. Yoda knows many things, can spell, loves to be home, and will play until his muzzle turns bright red. One of his nick names is "Hot Butt" because he often warms it up on the vents when the furnace comes on... He also LOVES to lay in the sunshine. His jaws are so strong he can repeatedly crush a brand-new tennis ball flat. His favorite toy is a "jolly ball", which is actually a large ball made for horses with a handle.