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animal Names: maya+cerdita

Maya+cerdita is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Maya Cerdita

Maya is a purebred 14" AKC Standard Tri-color Beagle. She is such an important part in our family. She is so loving and now that she is a little older she has become quite the lounge puppy. She has been bred and has proven to be an excellent mother. Matter of fact, she is full of life right now as well - due May 3rd 2009. She is very smart...she even knows how to count. She loves her belly rubbed and will gently put her paw on your arm if you stop petting her before she is ready (which is NEVER). She is so cute with children because she will get it in her head that they are her puppies and she always has to check on them as soon as they arrive in our home. Once she knows they are okay she goes about her own business. She's very spoiled (sleeps in a king bed with her people). She loves her treats - carrots, hard boiled eggs, etc...