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animal Names: meer

Meer is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Meer? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Hello my name is Meer, I'm a happy little rabbit my owner found me in a flea market she asked the man why are these rabbits here he replyed with "They are here to be bought to raise so you can eat them" She asked the man how much for the little one hidding in the cornor the man looked at her funny not seeing little o me but she put her hand in the cage and picked me up I was so tiny and under feed when she got my the man told her "Are you sure you want this one? If so i'll give you him for only $6 dollars." She took me in a heart beat and bought me a house to sleep in she took me home feed me lettuce and carrots and hay till I became the little chubby rabbit I am now. I'm very happy that my human does not like eatting rabbit she took me in to grow old and to teach young children around her about rabbits so I get a lot of loving during the week. Life with her is sweet she is very carrying I hope when she moves to her new farm she gets me a girl friend i'm kinda lonley. I hope to raise a rabbit family and be the best father I know I can be comment on my page if you think she should get me a girl friend I bet she would. Lets see what happens!