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animal Names: melody

Melody is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Mew! Hello! I'm Melody. I got that name because I dance to music and I love it! I was rescued from a home in Ohio♥ I love my siblings and Mommy. I'm such a sweetheart♥♥♥
Most of my pictures have affects to them because my daddy is a photographer! I'm kind of like his model hehe


Hey!! My name is Melody. I am a very hyperactive, playful kitty. I love ,meeting new people especially if they're going to pet me. I like other cats and dogs as long as I can get to know them first. I am very easy going compared to my high class sister Kiarra. I am a true lap cat and even though I love my mamma, my daddy is my favorite. He spins me around on the kitchen floor and rubs my belly. Plus his lap is always really comfortable :)