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animal Names: mighty+maximus

Mighty+maximus is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Mighty Maximus

This is our Mighty Maximus aka Max. Max was an accidental adoption. We had been going with a friend for months to all of our area shelters to look for a dog for their family... We were the voice of reason to not take home every canine that tugged at your heart strings. Then it happened, in this huge chain linked kennel with a concrete floor that had just been sprayed down was this little bity wet black guinea pig of a pup... I walked over and he instantly came over and tried to bury himself in me through the gate. He was the ugliest and most pathetic thing I had ever seen. But right then we were connected and I was not about to leave him. Adopting him was difficult being that I was moving because of a divorce and had just lost my job. I lied on the application and within a few hours he was mine. I couldn't imagine my life without him now... The debate has been going for a while about what he is exacylt... We have heard pug, peki, chi, pap, chin, and others but still have no clue... My guess is guinea pig and chihuahua