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animal Names: ming

Ming is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Ming? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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i also have the same story and my sister and brother cali and jr. over all i am a scaredy cat. i hide alot. every now and then will i come out. when i see people i run and hide. i am starting to come out a little more and more. i am loving when i come out.


Ming is my precious little fur baby I adopted through rescue.

Domestic Shorthair

We call her Bing as a nickname. Adorable little mini-kitty, she's only 6 lbs!! Bing is very inbred, and was actually the only baby in her litter who survived! She's got a problem with her eyes not dilating, so she squints a lot and is hard of seeing. That doesn't stop her from getting around however! She's a shoulder kitty, hops right up on your shoulder and goes to town with her biscuits. She'll also give you little kitty kisses on the lips if you turn your head towards her, and if you don't you get them in your ears!! She also loooves her bum smacked.