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animal Names: minion

Minion is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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minion is a very protective and hyper little poodle, he acts just like a husky and im sure thats from the russell side of him and he finally has been potty trained but shucks hes so cute idk if i can give him up! him and snoop r best friends!

English Bulldog

Minion is sweet dog with lots of charisma. When she plays you don't squeek the toy at her, she squeeks it at you! If you're lucky enough to get a hold of it then you better hold on!! She's one tough girl. Minion will do just about anything for a treat, except take a bath but she will sit, stay, shake, dance, "put'em up" and play dead when I point my finger at her and say 'Bang!" Her favorite thing in the world is skidding across the floor on her back and rolling about, it almost looks as if she's possessed. I can't really say what her favorite toy is because they never last long but her favorite types of toys are squeeky toys and rope toys. Her favorite treats are ice cubes and carrots. Minion is a lover, she loves giving kisses. There's not a single bad quality about Minion except perhaps her flatulence but you can't fault her for that! You can however fault her for giving you a look each time as if she were putting the blame on you. :P