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animal Names: mitzi

Mitzi is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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American Longhair

Mitzi was an abandoned kitty - she was taken in by neighbors and when they moved they left her. After seeing her around a bit, looking thin, I asked my next door neighbor who she belonged to. He is a fellow cat lover and told me she had been abandoned and he tried to feed her when she came around. He called her Mitzi (I think because she has long long legs and he named her after Mitzi Gaynor - ask your Mom or Grandma). I immediately ordered a pet cabin for Mitzi as it was fall.

We had three cats at the time and my sister didn't want another indoor kitty so I try to visit Mitzi and let her in to play. She gets fed her breakfast and dinner of Fancy Feast Canned food. It was cold out so she needed the extra calories. Mitzi began to look a bit pudgy and I found out both the neighbor and I were feeding her canned food. (His wife told me all day long he is feeding cats and washing dishes and she doesn't see why they can't eat dry food - you have to love a man who loves kitties). They also set up a nice bed on the deck in their cushy lounge chair with a nice blanket. Mitzi divides her time between us although she seems to favor the lounge chair for sleeping - probably all the traffic on our deck with cats dropping by for a snack. I put out some dry food so any homeless kitties can have a snack and water.

Hopefully one day soon Mitzi can become an indoor kitty - I notice my sister petting her when I am not looking and now she feeds her when she comes by and I am not home. I think Mitzi is growing on her.


I'm a pretty happy kitty. I am my momma's girl through and through, though Daddy likes to think otherwise. I like getting in the shower and bath with my people, carrying things around in my mouth (especially my marble!), and I love black olives. I am a great Momma, and am going to have another litter soon.


I'm an eleven week old kitten that has been with my people for only a week. I've adapted to my new home quickly and play and enjoy my life each day. As I grow up and have new experiences I will add to my page! My foster mom found myself, mom and siblings under the foundation of a house when I was two days old. At nine weeks old my forever people adopted me at petsmart. Now that i'm over a year old i'm the older, wiser cat of the house! Actually i'm a bit timid and let the other two cats here play and scrap with each other while I watch. I've become mom's cat and sit with her and usually sleep with her at night. I'm also a bit of a chow hound and let my peeps know when the food dish is empty and never miss the sound of a snack food bag rattling! I've totally enjoyed my first year in my forever home and look for ward to many more.