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animal Names: mizchif

Mizchif is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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I was almost a year old when these people came to my house. My family was moving and unbenounced to me, weren't going to take me with them! I wasn't spayed and roamed around town at my leisure! I was busy curling myself around these visitors legs and before I knew it they scooped me up and brought me home. I went to the vet the next day where I got a clean bill of health and was spayed. When I first got back home, I was very scared and tried to get outside alot but after awhile I relaxed and found this wonderful boy who liked to play with me. We have become great friends and I like to hang out with him in his bedroom, playing video games and eating beef jerky! When he leaves I like to sit on the windowsill and wait for him. I love him! Im pretty particular on who else touches me and when and I don't like getting my fur messed up! I love to eat and have this peculiar "clicking" noise I make when I'm begging. It works 'cuz people love to hear it and I get many treats this way. When I first moved in, I loved sleeping on the table, coffee pot, frigerator, and cupboards but my mom and dad didn't care for this much so now I only do it when they're away or sleeping! Unlike many cats, I enjoy the bathtub and sinks in the house but the fur I leave gives me away everytime! Yes, Mizchif is my name and I own this house!