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animal Names: molly+mae

Molly+mae is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Molly Mae
American Pit Bull Terrier

Molly was born on june 12, 2012. she is a color called seal and she is very well behaved. she loves to cuddle and she is very lovey she loves to run and play. she also knows how to give hugs and kisses. she gets her middle name from me. she has been in my house since she was born. she lives with her brother leroy, her human mommy anna, her dog mommy lady jay, her grandpa jayson, her grandma jessy, her aunt alexis and her friend toy poodles gwen and garfield. she also lives with her great grandma kim. she loves to lay down and keep you warm she is so pretty. her eyes are a dark brown. give her a lot of cuteness points please :)