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animal Names: mousie

Mousie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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I am a brat! I love to go after my fluffy roomie, Minky the Maine Coon and play with my sister Sable, the whippet. As well as my two big brothers, Duke and Bear (not pictured). They are all rescued from the Animal Shelter while Mommy and Daddy got me from a friend who had a ton of pups to give away. I had a bad beginning because the people that owned me first never got me vaccinated. So at 6 months I got Parvo. I would have died like my doggie mom and some of my siblings did if my new Mommy hadn't recognized the signs of the beginning of parvo. I was taken to the vet quickly and instead of two weeks in the hospital I spent five days. My new parents and brothers and sisters from another mother, all love me very much. I play with my Big brothers Duke and Bear, half Jack Russell and half some type of hunting dog. My sister Sable the whippet mix, and my fave chasing buddy, Minky. We have a large yard to run around in, as well as a pool that I love to splash about in. I am on the go until about 9pm when I tell everyone that it is time for us to go to bed. I like to chew on some old jeans my Mommy cut up for me, and a squeaky ball my Daddy throws for me.


My nickname is 'Mousine the Queen' and I rule the house!