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animal Names: mr+big

Mr+big is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Mr Big

Mr Big turned up on our doorstep about 4 or 5 months ago - out of the blue. He was a scraggly old thing with the BIGGEST meow we'd ever heard. Every day he'd sit on the front porch, or sleep under the bush - but day in and day out, he'd be there. Talking away to us, trying to tell us his story. We were kind but didn't encourage him until we noticed that he was losing weight; horrified we had no option but to feed him - much to his delight.

We continued to keep him at arms length, greeting and stroking him every day but not inviting him into the house. After a while I got the strongest feeling that he was here for a reason. This cat was very determined to make this his home.

After a while I started noticing that he wasn't looking well. More than that, he looked in pain. His movements were strained and slightly wobbly and his eyes seemed hooded with pain (yet he still got up to greet us), so I took him to the vet, where after a thorough examination and several tests, he was diagnosed with feline leukaemia. The vet said it will eventually kill him but that they weren't sure how far gone he was and that he could last 6months, a year or 5years - it really depended on the disease and the animal.

To my horror, she asked me what I wanted to do? I knew immediately that he had come to us for help and told her categorically that we would not turn him away, or worse, just because he was ill.

Mr Big now receives regular treatments (antibiotics, and other more uncomfortable stuff) as and when he needs it. We monitor his health and when in doubt take him back to the vet for an assessment and treatment.

He has responded incredibly well to being welcomed into the family (and home, good food etc.) and is looking so much better. He has also become the most adorable being, extremely calm, non-aggressive and patient with everyone around him, never raising a paw in defence of a jealous swipe or hiss.

The vet has nick-named him Mr Brave because of how patiently and bravely he handles his various invasive and sometimes painful treatments, never scratching or hissing or growling, just quietly and thankfully accepting. He is incredibly loving and also very protective of the girls and the home - he has brought an incredible energy of love and comfort into our lives and everyone who meets him is similarly drawn to him and wants to touch him.

He's one amazing kitty who we are proud to call family, and who we love very much.

(P.S. – the other kitties have been treated with anti feline leukaemia shots)
PPS - check out his little white moustache !