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animal Names: mr.+batman+baby+bunny+boo+boo

Mr.+batman+baby+bunny+boo+boo is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Mr. Batman Baby Bunny Boo Boo

Hi! My name is Mr. Batman Baby Bunny Boo Boo, A.K.A. Batman. I love my outdoors! I am very fierce outside when it comes to saving the world! I hunt and climb trees when it comes to attack. I survived with my Grandmamma cat in the woods. She is the one that tought me every thing I know. I am a strong, handsome man too.
I adopted my owner when I was 3 months. I ran in this house and my Mom picked me up so that's when I new that this is my new home! My favorite chew toy is my Mom and I have HUGE paws that I smack people on their face and I love it. But there is only one that is better then big, fat, fluffy blanket!!