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animal Names: mr.+bummy

Mr.+bummy is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Mr. Bummy
Domestic Shorthair

Persnickety, a total ham and pretty much always doing something he shouldn't be, Mr. Bummy loves midnight cuddles and fetching hair elastics. Any friends that pop by must be immediately greeted and rubbed on upon arrival. If you stop paying attention to him, it's very likely he'll throw himself down onto his back and wiggle around to make sure you haven't forgotten about him, or he'll follow you around and meow in different tones trying to tell you what he wants. He may also give you a reminder bite if you're close enough and/or a good ol' fashioned head butt. Bummy has a Santa's List of nicknames, to name a few: King Stinky McBum the 1st, Fatty McFatz, BummyBumBum, the Buminator, Furry Pooptart...with his white eyeliner, big eyes, and cream dipped paws, he is a handsome fellow.