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animal Names: mr.+egg

Mr.+egg is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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mr. egg

hi! my name is mr. egg :) i was put in an incubator on the 8/september/2010 and hatched on the 3rd october 2010

i am a mix between a common laying hybrid and jerry the rooster (no1 knows what breed he is, mums cousin begged her to take him home with her when he was a chick, you can see that he's one of my roomies if ya wanna take a peek )
i was chosen at random from a batch of eggs, round ones,long ones, short ones, fat ones and white ones. i was just perfect, no spots, no cracks and no lumps or bumps :) my mum needed me because one of her hens (lulu, her favourite) had been ill and almost died, but when she was healthy again the flock would no longer accept her, so she was alone in a hutch all by herself for months on end.....
i was supposed to be lulus new friend but sadly the night before we were supposed to be introduced it dropped to -5 degrees and she didnt make it... so now im living all on my own :( but maybe someday i can take my dads place and be head of the flock! :)

but for now im the cutest, funniest and friendliest cockeral mum has ever seen! :D

you can watch me grow from a day old chick to a big old chicken :)

feel free to check out my video's on youtube :)