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animal Names: mr.+magoo

Mr.+magoo is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Mr.+magoo? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Mr. Magoo

Mr. Magoo was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia like so many other cats that are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. But Mr. Magoo was different, he is a Special Needs Kitty who managed to survive living on the streets blind. Magoo has a birth defect in which his eye lids and his eyes did not fully develop, so he has eyes but they are very small but do we believe he can see shadows and seems to navigate pretty well., I was living on the mean streets of Philadelphia PA for about a year, Where I was found hanging out with a Buddy of mine. Well we were picked up and brought into the shelter, then transferred to another shelter but unfortunately the shelter was full and I got put on the your time is up list!!!!" Insert Big Gulp here"!
Then I got sick with a bad infection not the best thing for a guy on the Hit List..... The Dr's gave me meds but they didn't help.I got much worse, I got bad ulcers in my mouth so I couldn't eat so I got dehydrated and I had to get a big needle in my leg with liquid stuff. My poor little eyes were all gunky and oozing and my infection was so bad I had blood coming from my nose.
My Mom saw a Post From Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary "we Love them" saying that I was in desperate need of placement or I was going to be euthanized. Mom talked to Dad and they decided I needed them, and they needed me. Mom & My Aunt Roe called 4 different shelters, talked to a dozen people, she emailed, and posted on Facebook. For 4 days she did everything she could to find me. Finally Miss Cara from PSPCA emailed Mom on a Mon and said I was there, but had a foster family coming for me that Wed (this was before I got really sick)... And they couldn't hold me it was first come first serve. Mom cried but told Cara if they didn't come for me to let her know and she would come get me!
Mom got an email at 9:30pm that Wednesday saying the foster family never came and I was all hers "Mom cried again she was soo Happy"!.... Mom & Dad drove up the next day to get me. Unfortunately when they got there they were told that they just found out that I took a turn for the worse overnight and that I had to be put on an IV Cath and in ICU/ISO and
I couldn't go home. Mom called everyday for a week and a half to check on me, Mom called and asked to speak to the Doctor she wanted to know what was going on. Dr. said that she thought it would be better for me if Mom could handle it that she bring me home and care for me there because I wasn't getting better at the shelter. Mom was so excited she said yes and said she would come up the next day.
So Mom & Dad came and picked me up and well here I am...….♥

Mr. Magoo

I am a canine version of Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder) as I have VERY long legs. My mommy likes this because I cross them in my house. My sisters are Caleigh and Sadie and I have a human brother Josh who comes just to visit me every Sunday. Mommy and daddy are there, but Josh see's me! I love being outside and I run real fast and like barking so loud I drown out the 747's landing at our local commercial airport. Visit me often. I LOVE attention!

Mr. Magoo

Mr. Magoo aka Goo came to us with his sister Sweetie when their previous owners didn't want them anymore. They came to us in appalling conditions. Their cage was horrendous, they had an awful smell to them, and they just in general weren't taken care of.
Goo is this big sweet boy who loves to play and run and get into trouble like most ferrets do. We named him Mr. Magoo because he acts like he's blind and he runs into everything. No worse then a normal ferret who runs into everything and bounces right off of it and goes on their merry way. He loves to run and play with his sister and he loves to go outside and dig in the flower beds. He enjoys chasing the cats around the living room just as much as his sister does. They are both a great joy to have in the family!