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animal Names: mr.+moe+joe

Mr.+moe+joe is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Mr. Moe Joe
Domestic Shorthair

Mr. Moe Joe No Bones Jones was born under a mobile home out in the country. He was mauled by a child, hurt and left to die in the bitter cold winter. We found him, took him to a vet and I nursed this little limp bodied fellow back from death's door. He was so sick he literally felt like he had no bones in his little body. Thus the No Bones in his name. He likes to be called husky now, not fat. He is large but his food amounts are measured and he is active for his size. At 11 he is healthy with no issues except his weight which we are working on. He is the one of my three pets who loves to have his picture taken. He is always ready with a series of poses whenever he sees the camera. He doesn't mind the camera being up close in his face and will look directly into the lens for me. I hope you will l enjoy my pictorial of the life of my wonderful boy cat, Mr. Moe Joe No Bones Jones.