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animal Names: mr.+rogers

Mr.+rogers is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Mr. Rogers
American Shorthair

I was adopted during a torrential thunderstorm at a flea market in Rogers, OH. That is how I got my name! Mommy didn't know much about having a pet kitten (she always only had poodles) so when I had worms and was havint poopy issure, she panicked and thought I was dying! She called the vet for an appointment as soon as she could get one and they got her in for an hour from then. That is how she met my Daddy!

I truly enjoyed being an only child, but my Daddy is worth having sibling for. I love my step brother. Herm, and step sister, Maia, (but do't tell her; I have everyone fooled into thinking I don't even like her! MOL) But when Mommy and Daddy came home with that puppy, I was really mad. I still won't be in the same room with it, but I am very curious and will investigate when it is in that crate. Maybe someday I will miss being with Mommy enough to make friends with her- or even tolerate her- but for now, everyone knows where to find me... Somewhere else!

My likes: Sunny windows, Open windows with breezes, Mommy+me time, snoozing on the bed in The Inner Sanctum, Grandmama visits, all boxes, whacking the puppy, staring at my sister Maia, ear rubbins and pulled pork tastes.

My dislikes: Daphne the puppy, my Auntie Cinders at Grandmama's house (you know that used to be my vacation home 'till she adopted that old meanie- she eats my food- how dare she!), touching my bum, doorbells, the stuff Daddy puts behind my neck once a month,my baby stepsister Daphne, getting thrown out of The Inner Sanctum, any sniffing of my bum, and visitors( for the first few hours). Oh, and that Daphne.