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animal Names: mrpapageorgieo

Mrpapageorgieo is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Mrpapageorgieo? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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American Shorthair

HI! I am Mr. Papageorgieo. I have many nick name, sometimes people call me papa, or papa san, mr. p..etc and i live up to every one of them. My brother and I were born on a porch of an apartment complex from our homeless mommy. When we were only 1 month old our new mommy and daddy rescued us! They brought us in and we were a little timid at first, but we warmed up to people pretty quick. I now LOVE any new person that walks in the door and i rub against them and roll over to show them!
I love my brother Ollie so much and i love snuggling with him 24/7. BUT More than anything in this world, i LOOOOVE my stuffed mice! every night i bring my mommy and daddy all of my mice and meow at the top of my lungs until they notice me. Ollie thinks i'm weird but little does he know mice are real and one day we will get to see a real one and i will be ready! Does anyone else do this?